Welcoming new instrumental/vocal tutors: ideas for music service induction days

This resource is the first of two music service induction resources developed by representatives from twelve music services to help you to run successful, inclusive, induction processes.

It is the result of two online Task and Finish peer groups which met to share ideas and draw together resources to embed inclusion into music service quality systems, and further discussion and research from the Changing Tracks team.

Read the blog below and download the detailed summary. As with all of our resources, we will develop them further based on feedback so please contact us if you have anything to add or share.

Download the Music Services Welcome Induction Day Resource

Your staff induction day

Your staff induction day is critical in helping staff to feel connected to your organisation and its values and to understand what is expected of them, and what they can expect of you. It’s a starting point for growing a sense of belonging and improving staff retention. It’s also the first step in creating champions for your music service and for music education.

What are the aims of an induction day?  

Tip: consider what you want people to leave the induction day thinking, feeling, understanding  and doing? We think it may be …

  • Thinking – this is a great organisation to work for, it is making a difference to children and young people, I can grow my career here, I’m an important part of its future
  • Feeling – a sense of belonging, that they can contribute and grow their career here, proud to work for the organisation and motivated to read induction materials
  • Understanding – the organisation’s vision, mission and values, and their place in contributing to this, what they need to do to grow their skills in high quality, inclusive, music teaching

Example induction day/sessions  

This is a set of session ideas which you may choose to use, or which may inspire your own ideas

Getting to know you – icebreaker – whole group

Purpose: Help people feel comfortable and able to talk to each other, share experiences, ask questions

Musical identities – discussion activity – pairs

Purpose: Help people begin to discuss music education in a natural, non-judgemental way. People often feel more

comfortable in pairs to begin with.

About us – listen and ask questions – whole group

Purpose: To provide a short overview of the organisation, its mission, vision and values and the purpose of the instrumental/vocal teaching role. You may want to include:

  • Areas of operation, settings you work in
  • Groups of students you work with
  • Other professionals who are key to your role

How do you get the best out of your pupils? Pairs/small groups
Purpose: To share and grow understanding of the purpose of instrumental/vocal teaching and the skills and behaviours that are needed. Ie – helping pupils to achieve what they want to through music, including social and personal development, not just developing the ‘most talented’.

What are the range of pupils you might be teaching, how might you adapt your practice for them? Pairs/small groups

Purpose: To share and grow understanding of the purpose of instrumental/vocal teaching (social and personal as well as musical outcomes, and the role of youth voice). To consider the skills and behaviours that are needed. 

What makes for a great instrumental/vocal teacher? Whole group

Purpose: To share understanding of good practice, debunk any myths, answer any questions and be clear about the expectations of the music service as employer.

Use Mentimetre/equivalent online quiz and video for facilitated conversation.

Music activity

Purpose: To remind teachers what it feels like to be a pupil; to learn a different way of approaching First Access/WCET; to learn about the lesson observation process

What help and professional development will you get through x music service?

Purpose: To help teachers understand what is expected of them, how they will be encouraged to develop and supported to do so

Signposting and progression pathways

Purpose: To help teachers consider the range of progression opportunities that’ll be helpful for pupils, how to find out about them.

Ending activity: Where will you find the resources you need as an instrumental tutor for x service?

  • Provide staff handbook / teacher guide including schemes of work, lesson observation template, pupil report form, or signpost to online versions
  • Provide handout with key messages and key information – ie links to website, social media, County Council resources if relevant (eg safeguarding training, ED&I)
  • Other helpful documents eg The Common Approach
  • Other helpful websites (Changing Tracks music tutors section, Merton Music Foundation The Inclusive Music Lesson a Pocket Guide, Music Mark, ISM, MU)
  • Ask for feedback/input eg how would you like to continue to have conversations and learning like this?
  • Feedback/evaluation activity – eg Mentimetre online quiz

Further reading:

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