[VIDEO] Working with vulnerable young people through music – nurture groups

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In this video, four music service tutors share their experiences of nurture groups, first access and critical reflection support groups. These tutors have critical reflection meetings every half term to share activities, advice, challenges and support one another in their working with vulnerable young people.

They share practical tips, such as co-creating a ‘group contract’ with the young people as a way to agree to rules for the group.

Lindsay also talks about different ways of communicating in a session, not having to just rely on dialogue, and how to engage the quieter students in a group.

The tutors run through a practical warm-up activity with ukuleles. One of the tutors usually runs this in a whole-class group, but shows how it can be part of an online lesson.

Here is an example of running the activity ‘don’t copy me back’ with a djembe and clapping hands.

If you would like to learn about setting up your own music nurture groups in your music service, on Thursday 1st July 4-6pm there will be a 2 hour CPD session on How to run a musical nurture group, led by Michael Davidson, Christina Luchies, and tutors from Hertfordshire Music Service.

It is for tutors and inclusion project managers wanting to set up small inclusive music groups for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Changing Tracks is a programme of peer support and learning for and with music services wanting to improve equality, diversity and inclusion. It is run by Hertfordshire Music Service and funded by Youth Music as part of the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England. It was previously called MusicNet East. We help music services to be more inclusive by providing a peer network facilitated by Music Mark, funding for action research, support and challenge, advice and resources.

Find out more about us, or check out the other resources and blogs on this site for more help for music services, or visit the AMIE Musical Inclusion Resource Hub for more inclusion tools and guidance, blogs, videos, and case studies, to help you break down barriers to music-making.

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