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Young people in a music session

Why did you become involved with Changing Tracks?

Being involved in Changing Tracks represented a welcome opportunity for Northamptonshire Performing Arts Trust to share practice, concepts and ideas around musical inclusion with like-minded organisations from within the sector but beyond our usual range of partners from within the East Midlands.

Please summarise the ways in which/areas in which you’re improving equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation

Our first steps into improving EDI in our organisation date back nearly 10 years to 2012 with the setting up of our Musical Inclusion Programme supporting children and young people in challenging circumstances. Today it focuses on initiatives operating outside of the mainstream school environment. In more recent years, we set up “Reach the Stars”, a flagship programme supporting children and young people with SEN/D in special schools, DSP (Delivering Special Provision) units and other settings with bespoke programmes of activity including access to a qualified music therapist. Most recently, NMPAT Contemporary, which consists of a new music production programme, together with our existing rockschools, has considerably broadened our offer into music production and studio recording as well as a wider range of contemporary popular music genres including urban.

Have you been focusing on improving any specific areas of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion? If so, please say what they are  

Currently, building on the work we have been delivering, we are now working on developing our Musical Inclusion Strategy which aims to take a broader view of EDI across the organisation as a whole including governance and policy, as well as providing objectives and milestones for renewing and developing our existing programmes which focus on supporting the most disadvantaged children and young people in our society today.

What difference has your involvement with Changing Tracks made to the work of your music service so far? AND/OR what difference do you hope it will make?  

Our involvement in Changing Tracks has considerably deepened our understanding of EDI, not just in relation to musically inclusive practice within our existing programmes, but also how to apply this knowledge across all aspects of the organisation.

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