Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Music Service became involved with Changing Tracks in late 2020, through our growing interest in equality, diversity and inclusion. We were keen to access some CPD around inclusion and through making these links with other music services, we became involved.

We are working hard to improve equality, inclusion and diversity. We have drawn up a strategy together with other music hubs in the eastern region, which maps out our aims over the next four years.

Inclusion projects

We were successful in getting some funding from Youth Music to run a project for children in challenging circumstances. This was originally designed to be a face-to-face project but due to the pandemic we brought it online. We are currently offering music sessions to young people referred to us by social care teams, where they are able to learn an instrument if they wish to and also to explore music of their choosing. We encourage them to use apps and iPads if they are interested.

We are still hoping to run the original project if circumstances change. Our intention was to set up music activities in local areas of deprivation so that young people could attend easily. We were working with our youth service to offer musical activities and also support young people with their mental health.

We are also devising a series of videos for our website where young people can go if they would refer to learn at their own pace. Some of the young people we spoke to were tired of learning online but we felt that they might be more interested if they could learn independently from a music tutor.

The videos are supported by a tutor so that young people can connect with him if they have questions or problems they can’t solve by themselves.

We also work with Arts for Health offering music sessions which support young people with their mental health

Our inclusion aims

Currently we are trying to focus on making music available to all young people. We have a new website which we hope will make us more accessible and we are gradually introducing a more broad spectrum of music activities which we hope will appeal to more young people

Our involvement with Changing Tracks has helped us to understand much more about the issues and  how to approach them. We have had some training on nurture groups and hope to be able to offer these to schools in the next academic year.

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