[VIDEO] How might instrumental music teachers influence inclusion?

Instrumental music teacher Mark Jones, from Liverpool Resonate music education hub, has been delivering a programme of music work with young people with social, emotional and mental health needs. The programme was funded by Changing Tracks as part of our action research. In this video, Hertfordshire tutor Ije Amaechi talks to Mark about the project, its outcomes, the challenges they faced and overcame, and how this kind of work can benefit all music service tutors, not just those delivering targeted inclusion work.

Scroll down below the video to see the questions and time stamps.

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Questions and timestamps

1.43 – What was the process for delivering sessions in the school?

6.02 – What were the key outcomes from the project and the young people?

9.19 – How do you think we can make inclusion work and training relevant to all music service tutors?

11.59 – What were the key outcomes for the school?

15.54 – What were some of the challenges?

20.23 – What are the benefits to music service tutors of getting involved in this work?

26.20 – What else do you do musically?

Further reading and resources:

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