ED&I Bootcamps – what happened next? Southwark Music

For Deborah Borg Brincat, ED&I lead from Southwark Music Service, the ED&I bootcamp series not only helped the service to create their first ED&I action plan, but also led to the setting up of an ED&I working group.

Deborah attended our very first ED&I bootcamp in May 2021, and in the next two months, attended our Inclusion Project Managers Peer Learning Group, and Inclusive music tutors peer learning group. This year she’s attended our Embedding Inclusion in Music Service Quality Systems Task and Finish Group, contributing to the formation of induction resources.

How did this help you to take your next steps towards inclusion?

The EDI Bootcamp exceeded my expectations. It is a great starting point for creating an EDI Strategy and Action Plan. The rich conversations amongst Bootcamp leaders and participants at the same stage were really encouraging, insightful and helpful. It helped with completing the Youth Music Tool and to start creating an action plan. It gave me confidence that we are on the right track and inspired changes in the way we work and what we do.

What areas of your ED&I action plan will you move forward with next?

We’ve recently launched our EDI Working Group which includes 6 adults (tutors, parents, partners) and 4 young people from schools. This will help develop the work that we’ve been doing over the last few years, and will help widen the view of what we do.

We’re working on a number of staff training projects, including termly CPDs and Drop-ins for all staff, to create space for sharing, learning, and discussing in an informal way.

We’re engaging with school councils in primary and secondary schools to discuss ‘Music in School’ to gather feedback and advice that will inform programming.

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