Developing an inclusive approach to core and extension roles

The National Plan for Music Education states that ‘children from all backgrounds and all part of England should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument’ but how exactly do Music Education Hubs make sure that their offer is truly inclusive so that the children engaging in their activities really do come from all backgrounds and that any barriers to participation are removed?

Our funders, National Foundation for Youth Music along with Bristol Music Trust who are another of our Fund C colleagues, have produced this useful guide for Music Education Hubs which examines each of the Core and Extension roles in the National Plan and suggests what an inclusive approach to each role would look like. There are also lots of questions that hubs could ask themselves when planning their activity to help them develop their inclusivity.

It’s also has lots of inspirational examples from around the country of how different organisations are making their offer more inclusive. We’re really please that some of our current work has been included.

Read the full guide here:

An inclusive approach to the core and extension roles


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