Building a Case Study Based Approach to Evaluation

Would you like to write case studies (as a music tutor or leader) or collect them (as a project manager or music service manager) to help capture evidence for the brilliant work that is achieved in your organisation? These examples below will give you inspiration on how you can write your own case study and what kind of questions to ask yourself when evaluating.

A case study of a young songwriter – based on recorded interviews with a pupil, her parent and a workshop leader.

A case study written by a trainee workshop leader – based on a conversation with a workshop leader from a PRU

A tutors reflective group case study St Margarets Case Study

A description of nurture group development, drawing on triangulated reports. Peartree Spring Music Nurture Group 4th June

A workshop leader’s case study of a young person attending a PRU

A poster presentation for a conference, drawing on case study data HMS Conference pres


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