Latest inclusion advice/resources for music services

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[RESOURCE] How to use Youth Music’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion tool for action planning – a view from Hertfordshire Music Service

Hertfordshire Music Service Tuition Report Form & Guidance

Typewriter - equality written on page

Hertfordshire Music Service – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan statement

How can music services prevent school exclusion?

[VIDEO] How can music services help prevent school and social exclusion? Lessons from action research


What skills and qualities are helpful for working with vulnerable young people? We asked our music tutors

Ije Amaechi from Stevenage Youth Music Council

Music Nurture Group Day at Stevenage Music Centre – by music leader Ije Amaechi


How to set up an in-school Music Nurture Group

How I use hocketing in my whole class ensemble guitar teaching


An inclusive, creative and social model for whole class ensemble teaching: Hocketing